Digital Experience

Driven by a changing business landscape in a digital universe, customer-centricity has acquired pole position in the list of organizational objectives. Every business today aspires to be digitally connected, but many are still unsure about stepping in and stepping out of this complex maze. An omnichannel focused business needs to not only place prime emphasis on touchpoints across the customer journey, but implement systems to glean out intelligent insights to iterate for future strategies.

Every industry domain that has a digital focus is driven by a need to understand its customer motivations and their journey towards a purchase decision. Whether it be a B2B focused behemoth in the manufacturing space or a luxury brand catering to a niche B2C market, digitalization begins with the first customer touchpoint and leads on to a path to purchase that's powered through digital initiatives. Even with a physical point of purchase activity, the effort is made measurable by implementing a customer focused digital solution.

Digital experience resides on a cenral tenet of customercentricity. The level of adoption by a customer determines the strategy according towards buildng the outreach program. This is well representated by a CX Maturity Model that showcases the strategic drive of organizations in creating the right experience for customers.

Biztruss' Digital Experience Solution creates an integrated map that merges marketing with IT with to help organizations power through their digital journey while keeping their customers first. Our digital experience solutions are architectured to ensure that you deliver technology driven data focused and customer centered personalized omni-channel experiences.

Biztruss prides itself on its ability to simplify the virtual universe for its clients and help them extract maximum mileage out of their digital experience initiatives. We handhold our clients through the course of the process all the way to the result stages through the utilization of effective platforms of standalone pieces using the appropriate tools. With our Data driven approach, we help create valuable insights and reports for optimization of your customer journey from prospect to buyer stages.

Our digital experience solution rests on 3 core pillars

CX Solutions
UX Solutions
User Research
Customer Journey
Information Architecture
Rapid Prototyping
Iterative CX
CX Solutions
Digital Campaigns
Campaign Planning – Lead Generation/Branding
Campaign Execution – Web/ mobile/ Social/
Lead Tracking
Clickstream Analysis
Campaign Reports
CX Solutions
Marketing Intelligence
Market Segmentation
A/B Testing
CLV Analysis
Iterative Campaign Strategies
Interactive Visualizations & Reports

We are partnered with some of the leading automation platforms to drive both your customer experience to your demand generation with a view to build an omnichannel experience. We can help you derive the right strategies for an effective Digital Experience program and advise you on the right courses of action.

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