Digital Technology

To say that the world today is run by technology, is bordering on a cliche. Technology is so all pervasive today that we cannot think of everyday living without the topic of digital advances dictating our dining room conversations.

Digital indeed is the New Normal and we help you power your ride in this extremely competitive landscape. Whether you are a company that's creating a new product application or a digital presence for your brick and mortar entity or transforming your existing system infrastructure to save on cost and time or even creating a new Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to present to your investor, we understand your problem and build a hyper customized solution according to your objectives and scope.
While we maintain a lean Agile based methodology across technology stacks and diverse frameworks, our development methodology is flexible to accommodate different types of client requirements. We co-create your digital identity for you, with you.

The typical requirements we handle include but aren't restricted to the following

As much as our units consist of specialized, multifunctional teams working on diverse technology stacks and frameworks, what makes us really different is in the way we approach a problem and formulate a development methodology that saves you time and cost, not to mention create an outstanding product, scalable for future development.

Our focus on a data driven approach, ensures that we provide additional value to your end offering, which would help you derive insights to iterate and complement your future strategies as well.

At Biztruss we follow a custom in-house methodology that's inspired by Agile principles for our web and Mobile application development. Our methodology helps us deliver application modules that are adaptive to changes as per the business environment or early stage pivots. This sprint based lightweight process makes the entire process more collaborative and customer centered, improves development efficiency and enhances the quality of the end offering.

With our development methodology, we ensure that you are as much in control of the process as we are. We in fact love to work as an extended development unit of your organization and we ensure that the teams at either end are in constant communication, so no stone is left unturned in bringing out the product within the set timelines.

Like to know more about how we can help you develop your concepts to fruition? Let's connect. Just drop in a line and we'll appear.

Our other services

Digital Experience

We adopt a layered approach in offering services to clients and use our expertise in bringing them the best solutions.

Digital Strategy

We specialize in guiding organizations create an integrated plan towards complete digital enablement.

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