Startup and MVP Development

Working with a brilliant idea but not sure how to put it into action? That's a standard dilema. Maybe you're just a awesome ideator but lack the technical skills, or perhaps you are a tech virtuoso but do not have team or even you have the ideas, skills and team but lack the big ticket financing to implement your dream.

Here's where Biztruss comes in with an amazing value proposition. We can help startups in different ways to build their first cut or an MVP

  • As a fixed price for the entire activity which is lower than the market estimates
  • Hourly costs to help you with development support and implementation fixes wherever you need
  • At a basic price which covers the development costs plus a fair equity

With all of these working models, Biztruss helps you with more than just the development, but also helps you with expert consulting to derive revenue models and implement them.

Our team can help you identify the best technology and platforms to use as per norms of use and scalability so you can architect a robust product that stands the test of time and load.

Reach out to us with your concept and we'll get your show on the road.