Social Media Strategy

With the emergence of new interactive social media channels online, the keyword in customer engagement has changed from communication to conversation. Never has there been a greater and freer flow and exchange of information between company and its customer than now. While social media has emerged as the most important vehicle for the customer engagement strategies of companies, it has also led to a great degree of chaos in understanding the right ways of managing this media.

Biztruss has studied social media patterns in detail and has developed a lot of intelligent strategies for companies to maximize their value through these channels. Biztruss analyzes each social media site for its relevancy in the clients' online marketing mix and creates the communication strategies for each accordingly. This includes creation of pages, populating the right content for the pages, invoking the right call to action, updating the content in the right frequency and building the loyalty networks. Each surfer group is studied in detail and categorized as per the analytics, to have text or display communication directed to that group. Personal engagement strategies are employed to create goodwill and loyalty is rewarded.

Online Branding

Biztruss uses blogs as a key channel in its social marketing campaigns. Blogs are used for both awareness generation as well as for prospect engagement. Blogs also help the company build its visibility, brand value and helps in improving its search engine ranking. Biztruss harnesses the power of blogs as important tools of communication and helps companies improve their brand equity through these. Biztruss also optimizes blogs for companies that seek to monetize them. In totality, we build the strategy for blogs to be effective media for communication as well as lead generation and monetization.

In addition to Social media and blog channels, Biztruss also uses social bookmarks to track and monitor conversations on the worldwide web and garner inputs to build new social media communication strategies. Social bookmarks also help to improve visibility of blogs and articles in a large way and effectively work upon the search engine efficiency of companies. Biztruss also has a large network of online database sites on which links to company profiles and blogs can be placed, in the process helping companies to enhance their overall visibility and search engine ranking.

The other social media strategies employed by Biztruss involves the use of podcasts, wikis, online video channels and widgets.

All the different social media sites are integrated into the campaign mix and results are tracked with the proprietary tools and measured for impact and success. The inputs drawn from these analyses, form the basis for all the iterations for future social media campaigns.