Online Media Planning

Online marketing presents a richer choice of media formats, targeting and messaging than any other media channel. Harnessing this potential involves building on the principles of traditional media planning and using new toolkits, and matching the right formats and sites with the right media properties - all in a market that offers a daunting array of options. There are new metrics to track that transform accountability, and new models for trading media space.

At Biztruss, we have a team of expert planners who work on delivering the most number of options to our client, in the process, fully utilizing the scope of Online Media Planning and Marketing.

Following are the various elements of the Online Media Planning Solutions we offer:

  • The first set of steps in online campaign planning involves understanding the customer and setting clear marketing objectives. Most of the subsequent steps are built on classic planning disciplines.
  • By starting with clear and measurable objectives, and supporting them with strong tracking systems, our team gauges the exact ingredients that create a campaign's success.
  • We bring in a wide choice, moving with the growth in convergence, delivering the benefits of TV, software, social media and networks.
  • By adding more websites to the media plan, we offer the flexibility to our clients to garner higher reach, without automatically clocking up high wastage.
  • Through our Online Media Planning Solutions, we focus on delivering high brand impact as well as strong direct response.
  • We provide effective project management, which is the key to the delivery of online advertising campaigns.