Online Lead Generation

Qualified leads are the lifeblood of any organization's marketing efforts. The generation of leads is a complex process which calls for extreme care and focus to be accorded. While conventional models of lead generation like mass media advertising, direct marketing and telemarketing are still used by companies, more and more companies have gravitated towards the virtual space for their direct response campaigns. Biztruss has been helping companies take advantage of the cost effectiveness and the reach offered by the online space towards generating new and qualified leads.

Email Marketing is used effectively by many companies currently to generate targeted and qualified leads. Biztruss helps companies strategize on their opt-in campaign process end to end, from the creative content development to the campaign execution and lead management. Biztruss uses its proprietary tracking tools to intelligently monitor the success of the campaigns and create new strategies and iterations to improve upon existing results. Biztruss also provide excellent Dashboarding capabilities, based on key campaign indicators, and generates crisp and precise reports for clients. In addition to the email campaign, Biztruss also helps companies build landing page and microsite strategies to generate a continuous surge of leads through sector specific campaigns.

Online Branding

The other key initiative for lead generation is direct response rich media display campaigns which are conceptualized and developed by Biztruss' internal teams and placed through affiliate networks. Biztruss personalizes the relationship between publisher and advertiser, acting as a strategic via media that offers a level of human intelligence in the choice of ad placement. We have a well chosen pool of direct marketing affiliates with different competencies, who share synergies for the display marketing campaign initiatives, thus making it more effective than an automated engine driven campaign.

Biztruss also helps companies organize online conferences and webinars, taking the onus of attendee management and platform support. We customize and run specific awareness generation and registration campaigns to generate the right profile of audience. This helps improve the chances of companies to secure the right prospects to sell their products and services.

While Biztruss services the online marketing campaigns for clients on a piecemeal basis, it also specializes in customizing packages for lead generation campaigns. The end objective is to keep the lead pipeline of an organization running throughout without any blocks or breakages. The leads are not just secured but are also nurtured and scored to be classified in different categories as cold, warm or prospective. This approach helps companies get the best results for their lead generation efforts online.