Online Branding

While Biztruss understands the importance of direct response in marketing, it believes very strongly in the power of the brand in making a lasting impression with the customers or prospects. The Biztruss team helps clients understand the right communication strategies they need to adopt at every stage, that would enable them to generate the right level of awareness, build their reputation and enhance their credibility overall. With 60% of the global population having access to the internet, the virtual world has proved to be an equal to the physical world in its ability to enhance the brand value of companies.

Biztruss helps clients define their creative imagery and develop their own vocabulary as a first step towards establishing the characteristic of their brand. The language and imagery are used as the bedrock of all communication strategies which are further developed for the organization. This is done after Biztruss does an elaborate profile on the audience relevant to its clients. The prospect of unearthing new and prospectively interested audiences are then explored. Based on this, the objectives for the corporate strategy and the language are built. The content is iterated for attaining maximum search engine efficiency without compromising on the stated communication objectives.

Biztruss addresses the communication strategy elaborately as part of the branding efforts. Upon creating the design, signage and literature, the clients are then advised to develop their collaterals which would include brochures, presentations, walkthroughs, case studies and articles. Objectives like customer engagement and thought leadership are emphasized upon, depending upon the nature of the organization and its target audience. Biztruss uses social media channels to optimize on the visibility and talk on a more personal level with its target audience base. The overall results are evaluated and iterated on a continuous basis.

Biztruss also helps in identifying the right online media vehicles and channels that would carry the messages for its clients and places them with a view to maximize the relevant visits. Consistency is ensured with the physical channels as well, so that perception of the customer or prospect towards the brand remains unaltered. Biztruss has a strong network of affiliates and support agencies which provide the required platforms to execute its display and awareness campaigns. Biztruss also continuously creates matrices to record the brand score for its clients. A positive brand score is indicative of the success of the brand campaigns and the objectives from thereon are altered to maintain and enhance the brand value.