Content Strategy

The Medium is the Message. Try as you may, you can never really put this away into the cliche basket. Not in the digital world. Or let us say, not even in the digital world!

So while the content you put out for the world, really showcases the core values of your brand, it equally plays a part in getting you noticed on search engines.

Drafting a content strategy for your brand is no child's play. It's not even just a matter of words, or do we say verbage! It in fact consists of three key stages

  • Creation of messages
  • Placement of the message content
  • Distribution/Promotion of the content

Biztruss runs the entire mile with you on your content strategy, starting from devicing a total strategic plan to reflect your being or entity to sharing it with the world at large.In effect our messaging strategy covers a 360 degree loop, that helps you measure the feedback signals from each of the channels.

  • Statement of Content Objectives
  • Defining the 'soul' of the brand
  • Creating messages consistent with the objectives
  • Outlining the channels for message placement - Internal and External - website, blogs, social media, wikis
  • Strategic distribution of content to the external world - Outbrain/Taboola